Here at The Suga Cane we are passionate about sustainability and the environment. As a result, we knew we had to source environmentally friendly products, such as straws and cups, before we even started conceptualising the brand.

Traditionally, sugar cane juice is served in polystyrene (foam) cups, and while it keeps the juice chilled and refreshed, only 29.7% of every cup is recycled! This is due to the nature of the foam breaking down when tossed out and mixed with other plastics. By this point, it is considered contaminated and no longer recyclable.  

We knew foam cups weren’t an option for us.

After six months investigating the various cups available in market, we landed with PETE cups and lids which are 100% recyclable. Our cups are preferred by all recyclable companies in Sydney, Australia!

For the straws we have partnered with Aardvark Straws. They are 100% biodegradable and certified compostable (composting roughly between 30-60 days). All of their straws are FDA approved, GMO and BPA free.

The Suga Cane is proud to partner with Aardvark straws as part of their vision to serve drinks without compromising the environment.
The Suga Cane partnered with Aardvark – The Original Paper Straw

Our passion in protecting the environment doesn’t stop at eco-friendly products; we are determined to be not just another business which contributes to landfill. For every sugar cane we press, the bagasse (the sugar cane pulp) will be turned into compost. We have partnered with a local organic recycling company which will be taking our bagasse after every market.

In an evolving world, we are constantly investigating ways to help preserve the environment without compromising the taste of our sugar cane juice.